About the institute

VIODEMOS contributes with empirical studies and innovative conceptualizations tackling the imbrications of structural, symbolic and direct violence, and identifies practices that effectively break cycles of violence. We develop novel assessment measures of democracy that effectively take into consideration how violence affects the inner workings and quality of state institutions and civil practices.

The differentiating factor of VIODEMOS lies in the joint approach to violence and democracy, approaching everyday, criminal and political violence in a joint framework. Its interdisciplinary approach with multistrata qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis provides policy input to state organisms and concrete suggestions to (local) social organizations. Our vision is that the production of world-class research with theoretical innovation and the formulation of policy-input and collaboration with social actors go hand in hand. We develop lines of research in the fields of a) structural violence and discrimination; b) urban segregation, crime, drug economy and insecurity, and c) social and ethnic conflict and processes of political radicalization and securitization. We conduct interdisciplinary research and theoretical innovation within each line of work, generating joint activities and analysis across the different lines. VIODEMOS produces expert knowledge and concrete recommendations on prevention and reduction of violence (i.e. police reform, community interventions in crime ridden neighborhoods, etc.). We seek to set public reflection agenda that sensitizes decision and policy makers and social actors. VIODEMOS contributes to the global scholarly community with novel conceptualization about violence and democracy.

Executive committee

Helene Risor

Angel Aedo
Alternate Director

Soledad González
Executive Director